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6.24.15 Slipper Paws, gym, Dani, Normandy Farm, Hotel Fiesole, Tex Mex 5k run

June 25, 2015


Slipper Paws after her walk……

she’s sooooo FUZZY!

always make time for the gym.

Dani Rae has had a fever for days so she got
a visit to the ER. Not sure why she has the fever,
could be a virus that needs to run its course.
Waiting for test results.

A new outdoor patio at Normandy Farm Conference Center.
It’s really nice!

Bug Visitor on my Car. ewwww WHAT is it??

stopped to see my customer here at Hotel Fiesole.
The buyer just left & I needed to find out who the
new person was going to be.

Tonight was our annual Tex Mex 5k race.
I don’t particularly enjoy running but you
get Margaritas at the end!

Running with Friends makes it more FUN.
Marybeth, HELEN, Deb, Tanya & Tracy

LOTS Of PEOPLE here for the race

literally thousands…..

The race is a big party for the neighborhood!

Margaritas….why we run…..


Hoping, wishing, and praying,
shouldn’t ever be confused with doing.

~Mike Dooley

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