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Thursday 6/25/15 Weasel, gym, Wine tasting @Sands Casino, BEE BANK, house 4 sale

June 28, 2015

Thursday 6/25/15

We are still streaking.
Since Thanksgiving for me.
One mile every day.

another day at the gym.
Preparing for all life offers.

Standoff. Picassa versus Weasel.

The cat always wins.

It’s official. Wedding Bells are in the future
for Danny Diehl & Rachael.
November will come quickly…..

Wine tasting at Emeril’s Chop House located
in Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA.

They liked both wines!!

Another BEE BANK brother Raymond made for
a friend of mine. Don’t you need one???
It’s totally cool.

Who are the LUCKY DUCKs getting presents from me?

I just need to get to the Post Office & mail them!

Tall ships festival in Philly this weekend
along with a BIG BIRD.
A 6 story Rubber Ducky.

Anyone in the market for a house??
My friend is selling hers in Warrington.
It’s really nice! Get more details here:

Can someone Identify this hummingbird??

note to self:
Celebrate your little successes

Use what talent you possess.
The woods would be very silent
if no birds sang

except those that sang best.

~Henry Van Dyke

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