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7/12/15 Weasel on Squirrel Watch, Biking 28 miles, SPAMALOT in open air theater

July 13, 2015


top right Winebow pain: Mr Squirrel.
Weasel is keeping watch.

Curious George out on a Cycling Adventure

it was a proper ride. flat & hills.
all good! 28.50 miles. yesss!

Chester helping the pond guy

drove up to Easton bc we thought a restaurant
had Oysters for $20 all you could eat.
They didn’t so we went with plan B:

3rd & Ferry Fish Market
$5 Bloody Mary Menu plus Buck a shuck!

photo opp! Do I look real?

Garden Mary

forgot to get Oyster photos.
we were so hungry we just gobbled them all up!

Tonight, sister Pat, friend Karen & I attended SPAMALOT
at the Open Air Theater in Washington Crossing.

It’s loads of fun. Just do it.
Let us know if you are going.
We have all the secrets to make your
experience more enjoyable.

Karen & ME

SPAMALOT in action!

The good life is a process,
not a state of being.
It is a direction,

not a destination.

~Carl Rogers

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