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7/13/15 Monday Bluebirds, Chester, Weasel, overnight at the Sleep Center

July 15, 2015

7/13/15 Monday

Yesssss! The bluebirds have decided to come
back & have a second family.

Worked from home today!

Our pond looking better since the guy came
& cleaned it out. Now we need fish.

Chester posing like the Leopard
next to our new mulch.

cool frog photo that Michael took

Weasel stalking a bunny

This is where I spent the night.

My “problem” is
“excessive daytime sleepiness”
& we are trying to figure out WHY
and more importantly HOW to fix it.

My own private room.

free snacks & mini bar (non-alcoholic)

Ready for bed!

There is only LEARNING……


Adversity precedes growth.
~ Rosemarie Rossetti

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