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7/25/15 Up the Mtns, Doggies, Race packet pick up, carbo loading Taormina’s

July 27, 2015


Up the mountains hanging out with Georgia
on the deck. Reading & having coffee.

Michael sent me this photo of Weasel & Chester
about to go on their walk

Denise whipping up a smoothie

ta-da!! It was tasty but it had lots going on.
I think I’d rather have one with more streamlined

“Lady-boy” fishing in the lake across from Roman
& Denise’s house

Photo Opp with a BEAR!

back home….when to pick up our race packets
for the Down & Dirty 10K

FINISHED!!!! a day early…

YAY. I got number 1111
the luckiest number on the planet!

Dinner at Taormina’s.
Carbo loading for Sunday’s race.

Tasty Appetizer.

Walking home

Hanging on the porch after dinner

Maybe you know exactly

what it is you dream of being,

or maybe you’re paralyzed

because you have no idea what your passion is.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter.

You don’t have to know.

You just have to keep moving forward.

You just have to keep doing something, s

eizing the next opportunity,

staying open to trying something new.

~Shonda Rhimes

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