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Sunday July 26th 2015 Down & Dirty Race & CRABFEST

July 28, 2015

Sunday July 26th 2015

See All the pictures from today’s race HERE:

Time to Race!
Me, friend Jim & his sister Karen.
Marybeth & Tanya were there too.
I think their picture ended up on someone
else’s camera?

There I am in the ORANGE. the first mud pit

Climbing Wall.
I’m ORANGE over on the end.

Tanya with a chunk of Ice in the Ice Bath.
Marybeth next to her getting ready to dive in.

MB jumping over the hurdles

Karen & Me navigate these beams.
Tall people had an advantage!

5 miles in, one to go!



almost finished!

MB, Tanya, Helen, Karen

We lost Jim awhile back…..

Jim, Helen, Karen

We are all doing “bug eyes” ….

Michael our photographer & Jim
Walking home.
The race is held in the park near our house.

Injury. OUCH.
Jim’s wife Colleen cut her leg on her bike gear.
None of us in the race got hurt but Colleen
ended up with 1/2 dozen stitches!

Karen & I went for mani/pedi’s after the race

CRABFEST later at Marybeth & Chris’s house

Chester & Weasel taking part in Crabfest


It is our attitude
at the beginning of a difficult task that,
more than anything else,

will affect its successful outcome.

~ William James

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