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7/31/15 bluebirds, Austrian Class, wine delivery, working with dogs, friend TOM

August 1, 2015


the baby bluebirds are looking really good

Austrian Wine Class today

Special Wine Delivery today: 5 cases!

Working from Michael’s office
while the cleaning people are here

writing up notes on some Greek Wines

Save the Date OCTOBER 18th:
Covered Bridge Ride

Fully supported Bike Ride for all Levels

Mike selling his car to Jim, finally.

Michael has a company car so he sold his Prius.

Heading to the Publick House

We were saying GOOD BYE to our friend TOM.
He is moving to Florida.
We will miss you!!!


“If you are going to remember someone, be kind, be gentle. Selective Memory makes remembering easier. Seeing more good than bad in someone makes you the better person. If you must choose between being right or being kind…choose kind.”

~ Bob Perks

  1. That covered bridges ride looks like so much fun!

    • helcha8 permalink

      It’s a great ride Stef. We usually get about 2000 riders from all over the country. You can always stay at our house if you ventured out here!

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