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Saturday August 1st 2015 Biking Adventure, Weasel, dinner at To-Yo Japanese

August 2, 2015

Saturday August 1st 2015

How many guys does it take to NOT fix my bike?

mandatory stop at C’est la Vie French Bakery in New Hope

Decisions, decisions….

on the guy ride today.

Jim, Dean, Michael & Me

My cable broke & I couldn’t shift my back gears.
(I NEED those gears to ride up the hills to get home)
The guys at Pure Energy bike shopped fixed my
bike & we were back on the road in minutes!

is my bike ok?

we rode 45 miles and averaged 14 mph

That’s good for me!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel looking cute as usual!

Riesling tasting with dinner tonight at
To-Yo Japanese in Philadelphia

Avocado Salad
Fresh salad mix with crunchy flakes and avocado layered on top with special sauce.

Sushi Chefs

Dinner with neighbors Denise & Roman
(Michael & friend Jim, not pictured!)


If your dog is fat,

you aren’t getting enough exercise.


  1. What a drag about your cable but at least there was a nearby bike shop and they fixed it fast for you! I can see why that bakery is a mandatory stop!

    • helcha8 permalink

      Yes. I’m lucky to travel with my bike mechanic!

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