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8/11/15 gym. Continental Tavern, Marsha Brown, Wine Delivery, Newtown, Basenjis

August 11, 2015


Hop Planks in gym class today.

Love working out.
Prepares me for Volleyball & Biking!

dropped off a new wine list to Continental Tavern.
All the wines in this list are mine 🙂

Stopped at Washington Crossing Inn.
STILL trying to get my wines in here.

Met Lauren. We sent our picture to Greg
he is the wine buyer.

Finally met the wine Buyer at Marsha Browns,
the former church turned restaurant

As I was leaving there was a letter addressed
to neighbor Deb at the hostess stand.

What are the chances that would happen?

Making ANOTHER wine delivery……..

I heard they are re-opening the Temperance House.
Was doing a little reconnaissance.
Found out nothing.

MARY! I found some fig trees for us.
I was hoping for bigger ones.

Anyone know where they sell Fig Trees?

Bene the Basenji

Visited my sister in law
after her recent hip replacement surgery

Lila yodeling

A bird built a nest in my brother’s garage.
the baby bird’s looked good.
away from elements & predators.

Weasel watching Picassa eat her dog food.
and she let her!


Letting go isn’t the end of the world;
it’s the beginning of a new life.

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