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Monday 8/10/15 bluebirds, Weasel, frog, work from home, Dog School, FRIENDS!!!!!

August 11, 2015

Monday 8/10/15

our babies are looking super healthy.
They’ll be gone next week 😦

Weasel on a Streak
….still going strong!

Weasel “helping” me water our neighbors plants

We must have the BIGGEST FROG in the neighborhood.
and many small ones.

Worked from home today. Got lots accomplished.

Weasel being a good student in dog school

Chester teaching class!

neighbors Roman & Denise met up with my
friends Bill & Annie down South in a golf community.
Southport, NC

SO happy they could get together even if I wasn’t there!

You have no responsibility
to live up to what other people
think you ought to accomplish.

I have no responsibility
to be like they expect me to be.
It’s their mistake, not my failing.
~ Richard Phillips Feynman
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