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Monday 8/24/15 WFH (work from home), Weasel, Chester, Brick & Barrel, Lavender

August 26, 2015

Monday 8/24/15


I usually put in more work (less miles!)
when I work from home than when
I am on the road.

My office assistant.

she sure has “slipper paws” ……

I was so happy she was using the dog couch
because she usually doesn’t.
Old Weasel was ALWAYS on this couch
when I was at my desk.

working on getting THIS ACCOUNT!
Brick & Barrel new restaurant.

Note the owner’s name…….

Michael had a few of his guys working from
our home today!

It was a WFH kind of day!

friend Rich sent me stickers for my bike.
I’ve recently named my bike SKYLER so the
timing was perfect!

1/2 dozen dog beds, a few couches.
The dogs sleep on the floor…..

Mondays I tend to be a stay at home dog mom!

Car accident that Danny had to respond to.
not a good ending……

trying some Lavender to help me sleep.
Anyone ever use this??

Before someone’s tomorrow has been taken away,
cherish those you love, appreciate them today.

~Michelle C. Ustaszeski

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