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8/25/15 Logan Inn WINE call, dinner with friends for Marguerite’s birthday

August 27, 2015

see all the FUN PHOTOS from tonight here:


Wine delivery to Vino Volo at the airport

If you go to VV let me know & I’ll tell
you what to drink.

they usually ask for ID & I was ready but they
never asked 😦

Wine tasting at Logan Inn in New Hope.
Order these wines:
Keuka Village White (NY!)
Punta Final Malbec
Cousino Macul Merlot & Sauv Gris

Why Wine Reps should not wear white

Dubliner on the Delaware my new account to be……
in New Hope

friend, Mary, Connie, Marguerite, & Me

It was Marguerite’s Birthday. We were going to dinner.

Connie, Mary, ME, Marguerite, Kim & Chester

Wine line up!
pink, white, red

Happy Birthday Marguerite

Neighbor Deb stopping over for a visit.

Friendship is the only cement
that will ever hold the world together.
~Woodrow Wilson


There is no wrong time to say the right thing.
And there is no better time than now.

~Steve Goodier

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