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9/19/15 Beach Volleyball in Seaside Heights, Weasel!

September 20, 2015

When I was leaving the Ocean City house this morning
I had to be a rebel….of course I bypassed the sign
& had to see where I was not admitted…..

Early morning view of Ocean City from the
top deck of the house.


it’s pretty cool how Ocean City paints all their power boxes.
I think every city should do this.

in Seaside Heights, NJ

A Piano on the boardwalk. Pretty cool!

Volleyball that my partner decorated

Pre volleyball photo.

JoAnna, Helen, Jassmine, Mandy

Such a great day at the beach today!!!

I played with Mandy this week & didn’t make playoffs
but we had a great day playing.

friends JoAnna & Jassmine WON 1st Place
in Women’s AA division.

Good job girls!

Weasel hunting frogs

Weasel getting a better look at the frogs

instead of going out for dinner, like we usually do
on tournament days, we ordered in Japanese food.


A peaceful person

is not a person who’s always in a good situation,

but rather a person who always has

a good attitude in every situation.

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