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9/20/15 breakfast, the DOGS! playdate, Washing machine FOR SALE!!!!

September 20, 2015


Basenji photo for my brother & SIL

Made us a tasty breakfast

I am master of Scrambled Eggs. Ask Mike!!!
Today we had eggs with spinach, salami &
gruyere/Swiss cheese & a splash of sriracha sauce

We have 5 dog beds but they insist on sharing

again, sharing a dog bed on the porch…..
even though there are two beds out there

Doggie play date today

Chester, Weasel, & Boo

hanging out with the dogs

Weasel, Chester & Me at Health Fair

Coal fired pizza

Was expecting more burnt~ness……….

the dogs had some Chester Chow for dinner.

Our friend Karen makes custom dog food for our dogs.
It’s less expensive than “commercial food” & better
for them….. do you need Special Dog Food???

Let me know!!! I have the girl for you!

Anyone need a WASHER????

My friend moved & had a double decker.

Does not need this one.

It is only $50!!!!!

Help this washer find a good home!!!


Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually
repeat word for word what you shouldn’t have said.


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