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9/22/15 gym, new refrigerator, Antman, wine delivery, Brick & Barrel, Allentown

September 24, 2015


getting a good workout before the day begins
sister Pat moving out the old refrigerator
 the new refrigerator
INSIGHT pest control was here for the quarterly service
John the Ant Man doing a great job.

We recently had ants in the pantry & bathroom.
I don’t know why but they are now GONE!

Making a wine delivery for Dettera Wine bar
Stopped in to see my customer Brick & Barrel
in Maple Glen
Hamilton Kitchen in Allentown
Cider from NY & Wines from California
The Arts Walks is part of the revitalization of Allentown
I’m supposed to see the Pope on Sunday
but the forecast is for RAIN…..
We’ll see!!!

He hits from both sides of the plate.He’s amphibious.

~ Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

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