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Wednesday 9/23/15 Weasel, Brasserie, Publick House Trivia Night

September 26, 2015

Wednesday 9/23/15

With the Pope coming to town there is signage all over
warning to be prepared for delays

Weasel with her HEART toy.
She just carries it around. Never chews it.

Weasel found another bed to lay in

yummy beet salad at Castello in Blue Bell.

I had a loooong meeting with my new manager.
it’s ALL GOOD!

Wine tasting in Skippack at Brasserie 73

She bought everything I showed her!

stopped in at Hotel Fiesole & sold more wine 🙂

Visited my car on the way home.
The LEOPARD mobile is in the shop.
It needs a motor for the seat.

My car is 14 years old!

Michael wanted to go out so we went to
the Publick House …… new account.

We lucked out & got to play TRIVIA night.
It was FUN.

If you or someone you know is job hunting
I highly recommend this seminar.
It’s worth the $10 investment


For most of us, someday is the single most dangerous word we utter:
it grants us the illusion of future possibility without having to focus on that which is important today.
Just imagine, though, how different your life would be if you made someday happen today? Or worse, what if you wait?
Years from now you might be sitting around pining for someday to arrive someday.

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