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Friday 9.25.15 Pope! Talamore Country Club, Doylestown PUCK, Friends

September 27, 2015

Friday 9.25.15

This photo was taken Friday morning in Center City.

Normally there are LOTS of people but in preparation
for the POPE’s visit lots of streets are closed off.

Appointment at Talamore Country Club.
It went well & they are a potential new customer.

photo with Bethann the bartender at Talamore.
She gave me lots of information to help with
my appointment.

Pope/Eagles shirt I saw in Doylestown.

Appointment at PUCK went well.
Get your Renacer Punto Final Malbec here!

A sculpture of Raymond’s in an Art Gallery in Doylestown.

Ran into my Dentist, Paul & his wife Gerri
in downtown Doylestown

friends Linda & Bruce moved to Doylestown Borough
so on my way home I stopped to visit them.

Michael took this photo of some vultures having lunch.

Michael, surprisingly, didn’t want to eat out tonight
so I got the chance to cook, which I love!

Roasted Kale, tomato salad & grilled eggplant parmesan.


Stop worrying about how difficult it will be.
Start discovering how well you can handle it.

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