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Saturday 9/26/15 Weasel, Chester, Savannah, DOG PARK, New Hope, POPE

September 27, 2015

Saturday 9/26/15

Chester & Weasel playing with Savannah the Airedale

Savannah lives across the street from us

they took turns chasing each other

Later we visited a dog park in Hatboro

Mill Creek dog park in Hatboro is REALLY NICE.
Looking forward to going back with the pooches.

Visited brother Raymond at his studio

Weasel stalking a bunny

Michael petting a friendly dog in New Hope, PA

Love how this sign reflected in the water

POPE sighting in New Hope, PA!

tasty Antipasto dish at dinner

Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished.

~ Lao Tzu (604-531 BC)

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