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10/3/15 boot camp, shopping, cooking,DMV, EVEREST Movie, Weasel & Chester, Wine

October 4, 2015


Now that Volleyball is over we usually bike
on the weekends but the weather wasn’t
great for that so I went to Boot Camp instead.

Visited a new Wegmans near the Boot Camp Gym.
It was good, though I had no idea where anything was!

I found THIS spicy tomato sauce that Michael
used to bring home from NY when he lived there.

Today I was making a crock pot dinner.
It was a good day for it.
Rainy, chilly day!

I really liked the FOOD RULES book I recently read.
I decided I’m going to share the rules!


Sounds like this should be easy but so many
people eat processed food.
The Challenge of eating well is to
& avoid the “industrial novelties”….

Time to renew my driver’s license!

the guys that work at the DMV all got a kick
out of Weasel’s license.

my new license. I like it 🙂

Michael & I went to the movies
to see EVEREST in 3D.

1/2 way through the movie there was a power outage
so they gave us a readmission ticket to go back.

Weasel wearing the 3D glasses

Chester wearing the 3D Glasses as
Weasel photo bombs him

A. Rafanelli Cabernet

If you have a chance to drink this wine,
you won’t regret it! It’s TASTY!

Today is a choice.
Today, choose grace over impatience,
laughter over worry,
and beauty over negativity.

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