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Friday 10/2/15 stormy weather, wine school, Macaroni’s, Toscana, To-Yo SUSHI

October 4, 2015

Friday 10/2/15

we’ve been having lots of stormy weather
with Hurricane Threats. Lots of trees down.

Fortified Wine School this morning.

Port. Madeira. Sherry. Muscats.

appointments in NE Philly took me past our old house.
Ours was the one on the left!
We really don’t miss the old neighborhood!

stopped at Macaroni’s, a nice upscale Italian
restaurant in NE Philly

Macaroni’s has a cool outdoor area.

I’m not doing business with them yet, but I am trying.

Ryno, HELP!!

Visited Toscana 52 in Feasterville.
They are my customer & I am trying to do more with them.
Also Italian!

Found another place for us to do QUIZZO.
Not that we will get there any time soon
since we are playing volleyball on Tuesday nights.

Wedding invite for Rachael & Danny!
They are really tying the knot.
November 8th!

It will be a GREAT DAY!

SUSHI for dinner tonight at To Yo Japanese in Philly.
This location is byob.
I sell wine to the To Yo in Doylestown.

neighbor Deb & I enjoying dinner at To yo!


“To live is the rarest thing
in the world.
Most people exist, that is all.”

~ Oscar Wilde

Simplify your life,

and focus on things that make you happy.

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