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Saturday 10/24/15 Dogs! Gym, lunch with Family, dinner with Friends, fire pit

October 26, 2015

Saturday 10/24/15

Happy Weekend!

friend Melanie loves dachshunds so this is for her!

Weasel & Chester out for a morning romp

Boot Camp first thing to get the day started

It was yellow car day at my mechanics.
I needed a headlight.
We love our mechanic Domenic.

Do you need a mechanic??

Speaking of cars………Michael is the market
to buy a car. Are you or someone you know
selling one?

Lunch with Michael’s Family today at Chambers 19.
his sister Kathy & husband Joe were in town
for a class reunion.

Weasel had a little playdate with neighbor dog Bailey

Out to dinner with friend Mary
and others….at MAZIE in Perkasie

CHefs at work!

not ready….

mary’s husband Chris, Mary,
friend Kristin from the gym, ME!

Me. Mary & Kristin

When we got home we sat around the fire pit
at our neighbors. We had a busy day!


Happiness is a habit ~ cultivate it.

~ Elbert Green Hubbard

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