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Sunday October 25th 2015 Weasel, Chester, Cooking, Cookies

October 27, 2015

Sunday October 25th 2015

I love when Fuzzy Wuzzy baby Weasel
carries around the target dog “baby”.
This was Princess Weasel’s favorite toy.

I was TRYING to get a picture
of our Devil Dog but the canine’s
kept photo bombing.

Colorful leaves on our dog walk/run today

Weasel not happy about the elephant costume.
Hey! The Trunk is UP!!

Weasel VERY interested in the guinea pig….

RULE #7 …makes sense!

Cooking Soup tonight

Roasted Carrot & Brie…. was DELICIOUS.

(forgot to take the picture, but will later)

find the recipe here: (it is EASY!)

Lop eared Bunny my friend just adopted.

Any name suggestions?? I said MOPSY!

who doesn’t love these??
We had a whole conversation with
Michael’s sister Kathy about them.
HAD to go buy some. YUM!!

a friend sent me this picture:
He saw a “fuzzy wuzzy baby weasel”
at a beer festival.


is seeing what everybody else has seen,
and thinking what nobody else has thought.”

~ Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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