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Friday 11/6/15 FALL, Weasel, Brick & Barrel, Nektar, New Hope, Taco Suave

November 8, 2015

Friday 11/6/15

FALL in Ivyland

FREE to good home!! Works perfectly.

Anyone need a boom box?

Has a cassette player AND a CD player….

you know cassettes are making a come back…


Weasel posing for her Drivers License photo

Brick & Barrel will now be carrying my Vermouth
and white Bordeaux BTG (by the glass!)

59 Almshouse is now open.
You can drink Emerald Bay here!

cute photo I loved at a gallery in New Hope

tasting at NEKTAR wine bar in New Hope.
He has LOTS of my wines.
let me know when you go!

FALL in New Hope, PA

Shrimp Ceviche at Taco Suave.

This stuff is GOOD!


“True grit is making a decision
and standing by it,
doing what must be done.
No moral man can have peace of mind
if he leaves undone
what he knows he should have done.”

~ John Wayne

Dig deep, and show up—even when it feels hard.
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