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Saturday 11/7/15 Vizsla party that wasn’t… prep, KUMO

November 8, 2015

Saturday 11/7/15

Weasel resting up for her big excursion today

We were supposed to be HERE at a Vizsla party

But we were STUCK here in a traffic hell in Trenton, NJ

There was traffic gridlock & road closures EVERYWHERE!

We couldn’t get out of Trenton!

after driving 30 miles in 3 hours we
stopped at the park for walk.

Weasel never saw a horse before this.

Weasel’s mom CURRENT.

Weasel looks like her!

getting gussied up for the Wedding on Sunday
& Hawaii on Wednesday……

in the mood for Sushi.
Tried a new place KUMO.

WE LOVED everything!!

I could not decide which pair to wear so I wore
one of each. no one noticed.

They are both Hello Kitty so at least I kept with a theme

enjoy the present………….


It does not take much strength
to do things
but it requires a great deal of strength
to decide what to do.

~ Elbert Green Hubbard

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