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Monday 11/9/15 wonder woman! food rule, almost HAWAII, Chester Chow, Weasel

November 10, 2015

Monday 11/9/15

received an awesome card from friends
Mary & Tom in Florida (our next trip!)

Food Rule #10

avoid “pretend” foods…..

almost finished packing for HAWAII!!!

We leave on Wednesday. Lucky 11/11

The New York Times gave these out:
virtual reality headsets to subscribers.
Not sure where YOU can get one but I can tell
you they are totally cool.

You put your phone in there & you can see up/down
in front/behind you.

kiddie Carrier for a bicycle.
Now Dani Rae can bike with us !

(thanks Marybeth!)

FINALLY finished this book.
It was OK. Not on my recommend list.

just got a fresh batch of Chester Chow.
Home made dog food specially tailored to his
low fat diet.

Karen can make food to fit any diet your dog is on.
or not on!

Weasel enjoying a brushing

there’s always a path
which leads to something greater


“Someday all the pieces will come together.
Unimaginably good things will transpire in your life,
even if everything doesn’t turn out
exactly the way you had anticipated.
And you will look back at the times
that have passed, smile, and ask yourself,
“How did I get through all of that?”

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