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11/10/15, Talamore Country Club, Marsha Brown Wine, Sushi with friends

November 11, 2015


We’ve been ordering our dog food from

It’s less expensive than the pet store
& it is delivered the next day to your door!

along with the dog food came this new toy!

Chester has it first

And Weasel was quick to take it from him!

My new account: Talamore Country Club!

Buy this wine at Marsha Browns in New Hope.
It is DELICIOUS!! (and it is mine…..!)

The dogs want SOMETHING from sister Pat!

Pre- Hawaii dinner with friends!

we love going out for Sushi with friends
so we can share all kinds of rolls.

neighbors Maureen & Jim, Roman & Denise, ME!

Weasel our little frog hunter!


“You just can’t beat the person
who never gives up.”

~ Babe Ruth


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