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Wednesday 12/16/15 streak with Weas, Wine tasting Chambers 19, LOBSTERFEST !!!!!

December 19, 2015

Wednesday 12/16/15

see all the pictures from LOBSTERFEST here:

Weasel & me still streaking 🙂

Picassa bitch cat found the perfect sunspot

Wine Tasting at Chambers 19 Doylestown

Now serving MORE of my wines……..


Chef Jean Pierre Cooking School

friends Anthony, Deb, Paula & Moi!

cold lobster salad. Loved it!

Jean Pierre in action

Chef Jean Pierre Tardy is a Maitre Cuisiniere de France.
Only 250 chefs world wide are recognized by the French government
for their culinary skills.

we’re friends with some of the regulars
that bring all the GOOD wines.

Deb getting every last bite!

lobster tail in puff pastry


The Wine Pairings were PERFECT!

What does that say??
reading the fine print……


Simplicity in life
is about subtracting the obvious
and multiplying the meaningful

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