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Thursday 12/17/15 gym, Bernie’s Place, Robert’s Block, PUPPY SURPRISE!

December 20, 2015

Thursday 12/17/15

Pilates ring day at the gym.

The exercise habit is important!!!!

I had to pick up wine at a liquor store & ran into
my friend Trish who is a manager there.

stopped at a new place called BERNIE’s.
It was BUSY & it looked really cool.

next stop was Robert’s Block a new restaurant in Glenside.
Haven’t had much luck with new customers (or old),
everyone just wants to get through the Holidays.

One of my favorite Christmas cards with a CARDINAL!

another cute card AND it came with Stickers!!!

Thank you Shannon, love them!!!

the WINE FAIRY came to our house today.
Who wants a wine Christmas present??
It’s wine Christmas for some neighbors
all year long!!! You know who you are!

present for Dani Rae

I ordered it Nov 3rd & it finally came on 12/17.

jeez, Amazon Prime sure spoils one!

have you ever heard of PUPPY SURPRISE???
Me neither! There is a cat version too.

The real measure of your wealth
is how much you’d be worth
if you lost all your money.

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