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Sunday December 20th 2015 Hiking with Weasel, Cooking dinner

December 21, 2015

Sunday December 21st 2015

We started our hike here in NJ

Zega Lockatong Preserve

We hiked with our Bike club. about 4 miles.

Sign about the bridge

Weasel on the Bridge

Weasel enjoying her hike

Weasel being photogenic

Follow the orange diamonds !

cooking a shaved Brussel Sprout Recipe

love when everything is pre measured & you can
just throw everything together.

sauteed Brussel Sprouts with Wasabi peas. yum


Who else does THIS?????


Never expect a tomorrow,
but be thankful when tomorrow comes.
Think about how many people die
every minute of every day
and you’ll begin to realize that
waking up in the morning is a blessing.
Getting another day to breathe,
to experience life,
and to do something meaningful
is the greatest gift one can receive.

Make today count!

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