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12/21/15 Persimmons, Doggies, pet portraits, Harry’s BlueBell Taproom, LUCKY

December 21, 2015


one of our neighbors has a Persimmon tree.
I got permission to pick what I wanted.


Anyone need a portrait of their pet????

my friends daughter does pet portraits.
Call Today!

Doggie Camera

snapshot of a video Mike set up so we can
spy on the dogs.

This is pretty much all they do all day

Chester in his spot. Town Watch.

we got snail mail at the

Left a mini Christmas Tree at my customer
Harry’s BlueBell Taproom.

He was closed. Hoping no one “borrows” it…..

a visit to LUCKY’s house.


The winners in life think constantly in terms of
I can, I will, and I am.
Losers, on the other hand,
concentrate their waking thoughts
on what they should have
or would have done,
or what they can’t do.”

~ Dennis Waitley

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