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12/25/15 Christmas Day at Ray & Ro’s then Danny & Rachael’s. dogs too, of course

December 26, 2015

12/25/15 Christmas Day

See ALL the photos from Christmas day here:


Happy Birthday Jesus 🙂

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?



Peace on Earth would be a good Santa request…..



Weasel on a Christmas Morning Romp.
Cute as ever!



The Cherry Trees are all blossoming!
All the plants are confused with the warm weather.
It’s supposed to be 30 degrees & Snowy!
Not 70 degrees & balmy!



a neighbor who is going through cancer treatment,
had someone anonymously leave 12 days of Christmas gifts at his house each day for 12 days to brighten his Holiday.Needless to say, it was very much appreciated.
We do live in an awesome neighborhood.
I can understand why no one wants to move!




time to open presents with helper Weasel



Santa brought me this CORAVIN. woo hoo!!

It is a Wine preservation system.
Needed one. really.



our confused roses trying to bloom in December!



Christmas at Brother Raymond’s



the Basenji’s!



Me, sister in law Rosemary & her pet monkey



HI DANI RAE!!!!!!!!!!!



Dani Rae is going to be a Big Sister!!!!!



Me & Dani Rae.
soon to be the not only grandchild!



Fragile. Leg Lamp.

you know the movie……..



Rudolph as seen on a Motion Cam…..




If the only prayer you ever said was
“Thank You,”
that would be enough.

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  1. Roses in December? That’s crazy! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!

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