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12/24/15 new book, gym, Chester/vet, Nektar Christmas Eve dinner

December 26, 2015


the new book I am reading.

Does anyone else like Lisa Scottoline??

Christmas Eve Gym was Crowded!!!

Chester coming home from the vet.

He was on Rimadyl but we learned today he
cannot take it as it adversely affects his liver.
This is unfortunate because he was doing
exceptionally well on this drug.

The VET is switching Chester to this.
Anyone familiar with it??

for people & DOGS too, apparently!

Our powder room Christmas Towel 🙂

Christmas Eve Dinner at Nektar

We ended up here instead of Center City
as originally planned.

Lobster Tail. yum!!

See ALL of the pictures from NEKTAR here:

presents are wrapped & ready to travel
to different destinations on Christmas day.

Not a TON of presents under our tree.
Who needs STUFF anyway?? really.

May you be happy,
May you be healthy,
May you be safe,
May you live with ease.

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