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Monday December 28th 2015 OWL, Weasel & Chester, Pourhouse with R & D

December 31, 2015

Monday December 28th 2015

neat new trick I discovered our refrigerator can do!

It is magnetic & can hold a can of dog food.

neighbor Deb’s new OWL decoration.
Very Cute!

Me & the Weas out for our daily streak.
nice beard.

We are finally getting Winter Weather here.
Not that I am complaining about the 60 degree days!

Town Watch.

Chester. Weasel. Seamus.

I’m going to learn ITALIAN.

Anyone want to help with that journey??

I WON trip to ITALY from work!
I am going to Campania, Sardegna, & Sicily in April.

Pourhouse on a Monday!!!

We haven’t seen neighbors Roman & Denise in awhile
so we got together with them tonight.

the beer flight was approved by JIM.

me & neighbor Denise
(last minute photo, we forgot to take one inside)


Imagine it is tomorrow, you are looking back on

today, and ask yourself this.

What do you regret not doing?

Whatever it is, you have just given yourself

the chance to avoid that regret.

Because you still have today,

and you can act today to avoid tomorrow’s regrets.

~Ralph Marston

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