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Tuesday 12/29/15 gym, SKIPPACK, Brasserie 73, Roman tech support

January 1, 2016

Tuesday 12/29/15


have you found yourself saying this all week??

instructor Kristin talking to newcomers to the class.

Can you see me in the mirror???

my friends picture of a BOTTLE TREE.

I need one! It’s cool.

stopped in to see Parc Bistro.
one of my accounts in Skippack.

Vermouth & Wine tasting at Brasserie 73

Festive decorations at Brasserie 73

doing a tasting using my CORAVIN contraption.

This way I don’t have to open my wine bottles
& the samples last a long time.

neighbor Roman, our Tech support guy.

What will we do when he moves????

cool Cardinal photo


How you imagine the world

determines how you live in it.

~ David Suzuki

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