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Wednesday 12/30/15 New years eve EVE, gym, STOKE, beer school

January 1, 2016

Wednesday 12/30/15

WHO has a messy car like THIS??

Saw it at the gym. It would make me nuts!

last gym class of the year for me

appointment to see a new restaurant in EASTON, PA

STOKE coal fired pizza

almost ready to launch

vermouth & Wine using my Coravin contraption.

one day earlier than usual.

We had several flights of several beers

Sweetie Pie close up

Me, sweetie pie & Tanya

Colleen & Jim playing tug of war with Weasel & Chester

BUG EYES with Jim!!

DOGS Saying goodbye to Rich


The fact that you haven’t given up
is success in itself.
Most people give up before they even begin…
but not you.
No, you wake up every day and get things done.
You crawl inch by inch against the current
because you refuse to give up.
You’re still in it.

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