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Sunday January 3rd 2016 Hike in Lambertville, NJ with Bike Club

January 5, 2016

Sunday January 3rd 2016

The DUCK in our POND made this STAR shape
when it froze overnight

about 15 of us gathered to do a hike
with the Bike Club

We were exploring GOAT HILL OVERLOOK

Weasel bringing up the rear

Now we are in the lead

Weasel training for the Appalachian Trail Hike


awesome views of Lambertville, NJ & New Hope, PA

Me & the Weas

Most of the hiking group

Instead of DRIVING
Walk it is better for the earth

“Start slowing down slowly
and see how your life changes.
Don’t wait until your body shuts down
from too much busyness.
Little changes go a long way
and build on each other.”

~ Aimee DuFresne

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