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Monday January 4th 2016 sister Pat’s Birthday, Weasel’s Birthday, Dog School

January 5, 2016

Monday January 4th 2016

Are YOU making any New Years Resolutions?

brrrrr. We are getting a cold blast!!!
At least it is SUNNY!!!!

sister Pat’s Birthday today!

Pat likes coconutty stuff

and a HALLMARK gift card is always good!

and…… it is fuzzy wuzzy baby WEASEL’s birthday!
She is ONE YEAR OLD today!!!!!

photo with the Birthday Girl

this came in our Organic produce box this week.
I’m looking forward to trying them.
Maybe I’ll make a green smoothie?

Weasel at dog school.
She was NOT HAPPY.

a dog at class that looked JUST LIKE CHESTER!!!

it’s hard to believe this is NOT CHESTER.
This dog is young, just a couple years old.

“The quality of a person’s life
is in direct proportion
to their commitment to excellence,
regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”

~ Vincent Lombardi

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