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Tuesday 1/5/16 Streaking in the cold! gym, weasel, Sonesta hotel Philadelphia

January 6, 2016

Tuesday 1/5/16

We’ve been having a little bit of a cold snap.
A little different than last weeks 60 degree weather.

WE still went for a mile run. Why not?
Weasel has a Fur Coat??/

then it was 150 push up day at the gym

Weasel “reading’ a magazine.

“Who me?”

Appointment at SONESTA hotel in Philadelphia.

This isn’t my territory but there was a special request
for ME!!!! SO they let me have this account.
Woo hoo!

Ray is the buyer. I know him from another Hotel.
It’s nice to be remembered!!!

The Sonesta is soon to get a new & improved Wine list!


“Whatever the mind of man
can conceive and believe,
it can achieve.
Thoughts are things!
And powerful things at that,
when mixed with
definiteness of purpose,
and burning desire,
can be translated into riches.”

~ Napoleon Hill

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