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Thursday 1/7/1 gym, present from Weasel, brick & barrel, Iron Abbey, Beer School

January 9, 2016

Thursday 1/7/16

Why is everyone doing something different??

Weasel brought me a present…..dead bird!
I do NOT think she was the murderer,
just the messenger.

Wine Tasting at Brick & Barrel

you can get this at Brick & Barrel starting next week

Whiskey tasting at Iron Abbey

starting next week… you can get
Kinahan’s 10yr single malt Irish whiskey at
Iron Abby (Loft) and Brick & Berrel!

neighbor Roman first one at Beer School

Weasel had a friend show up

Weasel, Wookie & Ryker

Chester exhausted !

it was a successful beer school!


Every action creates progress.

Even when the results are not what you seek,

you have moved closer to the goal by taking action.

~Ralph Marston

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