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FRIDAY January 8th 2016 Doggies, Lucky Well, From the Boot, Dettera, Mei Ting

January 9, 2016

FRIDAY January 8th 2016

These two, not wanting to get out of a cozy bed

Weasel will stand & stare for hours.
She is one focused dog.

Lucky Well appointment

Buy this Tasty Wine at LUCKY WELL starting next week!

Tasting at From The Boot (Ambler)

You will now be able to get this wine at FROM THE BOOT!

Also, From the Boot bought the Vermouth.
Makes a tasty Manhattan!

Chef at From the Boot gave me a sample of his
potato gnocchi. I was skeptical bc they generally
tend to be heavy but these were light & fluffy
like pillows. Really Good!
Ryno, even you would like them!

Dettera…. Deb we need to hit their Friday Night
Buck a Shuck. And I know they have a great wine list!

And now you can get La Tremenda Monastrell
at Dettera Wine Bar!

My new iPhone case!
The wine moves.

dinner at a new place in Warrington.
Everyone’s been talking about it.

The sushi was really good.
Chinese food was just OK.
not rushing back. Wanted to LOVE it!


Next time someone tells you ‘never’,
remember that means ‘not for at least one hour’.
~ Jeffrey Gitomer (1946-)

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