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Saturday January 9th 2016 Dog School, Dog Park, PetSmart, Red Rooster Inn

January 10, 2016

Saturday January 9th 2016

Dog School for Weasel. She hates it.
But she is very obedient & learning to be better.

Dog Park after dog school..
Weasel running with the Pack.

Weasel is now the Lead Dog!

Weasel guinea pig shopping …..

Now Weasel is inspecting the birds.

Food Rule #15

got our shipment of dog food today from Chewy’s.

If you have a pet be sure to check out this website:

It saves $$$$ and has QUICK deliveries!

Then THIS happened đŸ˜¦

The bag split when I was filling up Chester’s food bin.

Weasel helped with clean up.

I’m in a pool for the Powerball.
Do you play??

What would you do with the money if you won?

Weasel sporting the Rabbit Scarf
which is now her toy.

GET the Crab Cake. GET the Crab Cake.

Ate dinner with friends at a local restaurant/bar in NE Philly.
Cannot believe how GOOD it was. Really.

If you get a chance to eat here, do it!

friends Mary, Marguerite, & Connie


Sometimes the wrong choices
bring us to the right places.

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