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Thursday 1/21/16 gym, BLIZZARD, Kalaharai Resort, Bistecca, Beer School

January 23, 2016

Thursday 1/21/16

got to the gym before driving up the Poconos for
some appointments
Everyone is talking about the pending big storm
Already declaring a State of Emergency
in advance of storm
This is a only PART of Michael’s flashlight collection.
He is obsessed with them.
first appointment was at Kalahari resort
they have tons of cool statues at the Resort
We tasted all these wines & they liked them ALL.
If they start ordering like he indicated this will
be a GREAT account!!
next tasting was at Bistecca in the
Mount Airy Casino
It’s a fancy steakhouse!
a little beer school tonight.
It was nice!
always nice to finish with a CHOKLAT


Do your own market research;
ask your last ten customers
exactly why they bought from you.
Brian Tracy

(I need to do this!)

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