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Friday 1/22/16 before the storm, Tavern on Pine,Macaronis, Dr Dani Rae, Enjoy by

January 23, 2016

Friday 1/22/16

a couple “BEFORE the BLIZZARD” photos
stopped at a new place today.

Tavern on Pine

It looked really nice.
I have an appointment with the owner on Tuesday.
I hope I am able to help them!
next appointment was at Macaroni’s in NE Philly.
I had lunch, opened a new account & made a sale!
now being served at Macaroni’s:
some fancy vermouth!
sister Pat took Dani Rae to a kid’s museum in New Hope.
Here is Dani Rae in her Doctor smock reading an X-Ray
Food Rule #17
I had lots of appointments recently which
means lots of leftover wine.
Can anyone help drink these?
BANANAS that we will be using to measure the snow.
Instead of inches……. I will tell you how many
bananas of snow we got.
Michael picked up the most recent
it’s tasty, just like the others!
it’s only been snowing a short while.
We really don’t have any bananas of snow
to talk about.
Dani Rae & Mom mom


For the first time, for the tenth time, for the two thousand and sixteenth time, begin to do what you know you must do. Climb over the obstacles, sit astride the challenges, harness the power of passion, and go forward into the future.

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