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Saturday January 23rd the Blizzard of 2016 !!!

January 24, 2016

Saturday January 23rd the Blizzard of 2016 !!!

Weasel not wanting to face the storm…..
let’s get the shoveling party started
Weasel enjoying the snow
measuring the snow in BANANAS

at 1pm we were up to FOUR bananas

getting the dogs outfitted for a walk in the Blizzard!
Me & Weasel on our mile streak
we couldn’t keep up with the snow.
It kept coming down.
Blowing, drifting.
our house on FRIDAY
our house on SATURDAY!
our neighbor helped with the snow blowing
I was in COOKING MODE during the storm:
Chili, spinach & Beans, Roasted Peppers
and Split Pea Soup
Weasel loving the snow
Peaceful snowy night on our way to
a Snow Party
lots of Boots = Snow Party
We played Apples to Apples and I WON 🙂
Me with winning cards & neighbor Rose


“The most wasted of all days
is one without laughter.”

~Nicolas Chamfort

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  1. Seven bananas! That’s a lot of snow! Hope the digging out continues going well!

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