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Wednesday 1/27/16 Weasel, gym, Yianni’s, Apollo, Molinaro, Brick & Barrel

January 30, 2016

Wednesday 1/27/16

Weasel: Queen of the Snow Mound
Boot Camp
Valentine Wine! Who needs some?
tasting at Yianni’s Taverna
visiting Apollo Grill in Bethlehem.
Great food & Wine!
Love Molinari’s.
NYC dining in downtown Bethlehem!
Visiting brother Raymond on my way home
dinner at the Brick & Barrel
Spätzle topped with Ribeye Steak & Wild Mushrooms
Love this feature:
Handbag hook under the bar AND
an outlet for charging your phone:
Genius!********************************Eric Thomas (aka ET The Hip Hop Preacher)
talks about how execution is worship.
Meaning: doing what you say you are going to do:
showing up and actually following through
day after day: can in itself be a divine act.
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