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Thursday 1/28/16 dogs, food rule, Hamilton, Dime, Valenca, STOKE, beer school

January 30, 2016

Thursday 1/28/16

Weasel & Chester enjoying a morning siesta
on the heated blanket
Food Rule!
It was Stacey’s birthday! on left.
That means we get to warm up to the
Beatles Birthday song.
tasting appointment at the HAMILTON in Allentown
New placement!!

Two KEGS of wine.
Little Prince Red & White.

Woo hoo!

made a new placement at DIME:
Cousino Macul Cabernet Sauvignon.
DIME is the restaurant inside Renaissance Hotel
in Allentown.
Valenca is a cool restaurant in Easton.
He bought a few new wines from me:
Cousino Macul Chardonay
Tilia Merlot
Palladio Chianti
visited STOKE one of my new accounts.
They have tasty pizza & more!
a successful beer school tonight.
not too crazy.

There are no shortcuts: there is only discipline.
But with discipline comes the deep joy
of doing what you never thought you could do.

Nicole Antoinette

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