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Friday 1/29/16 Sales meeting in NJ, Flagels! dogs, Taorminas with A & V

January 31, 2016

Friday 1/29/16

Today we had a sales meeting at our headquarters
in Montvale, NJ.It is about 2 hours from Ivyland.
I always go up early bc there is a bagel store
that sells FLAGELS. What are Flagels??A Flat Bagel so you don’t have all that
doughy inside stuff:
“Bagel Bones” as I call them.
coworker Cosmo won PA Rep of the year.
It was either him or me. I earned it last year
so he got it this year.
coworker Dylan from Pittsburgh
coworkers Corey from Pittsburgh
& Brad from Philadelpia.We have FIVE reps total for Pennsylvania.
That’s not many!
interesting skies on my drive home
hanging out with the dogs in sister Pat’s room
while the maids finish up cleaning
bacon wrapped shrimp for dinner at Taormina’s
Winning Wine line up for dinner
Bucky Balls in Action!
friends Adam & Vanessa were in town from Boston
as surprise guests for a neighborhood party.We ALWAYS eat at Taormina’s when they visit.

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.

Have you used one to say “thank you?”

~William A. Ward

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