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Monday 2/8/16 leaky sprayer, lunch @ 59 Almshouse, Trader Joe’s coffe, Weasel

February 9, 2016

Monday 2/8/16

discovered a leak today under the sink
the sprayer hose, I think is the culprit.
They are sending us a new one, for FREE!
it’s coming from Germany!
met friend Lynne at 59 Almshouse for lunch.

I sold them wine when they first opened but
haven’t been able to get a repeat order.

the food is good! Fish Taco.

Artichoke hearts, celery leaf, tomato,lemon vinaigrette

I tried returning my Italian book bc the bookstore
sold me the wrong one. It’s been a debacle bc I failed
to save the receipt :(Still have not returned it……
got some new K cups from Trader Joe’s
Good price too!
Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel close up
got some Fan Mail today.
An article about a guy who went undercover
as a Sommelier. Looking forward to reading it.Thank you cousin Rose Mary!

Fan Mail is ALWAYS accepted & loved!
feel free to send Snail Mail anytime.

note to self:

The only pressure I’m under
is the pressure I’ve put on myself.
~ Mark Messier

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