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Tuesday February 9th 2016 gym, Beer Store, Continental Tavern, Italian Class

February 10, 2016

Tuesday February 9th 2016

Vizsla on the Dog Calendar today
getting some gym time in.

I’ve missed a few days recently.

neighbor Deb had a bird visitor for breakfast today.

Pretty Cool, right?


Eat mostly plants, especially leaves.

stopped in at the new BEER STORE.
They have a tap system.
They could use my Kegs of Wine.
and Spirits.
Dropped in at the Continental Tavern.
gave him his new Wine Menus!

Woo hoo.

Every wine on this list is MINE!

Italian Class tonight.
Learning a new language is hard.
How about that guy in the window?
Maybe it’s an Anatomy class or something?
stealth photo during class.
There was a total of TWO of us tonight.
Pretty much like private lessons.
driving home in the snow.

note to self:

“My next step in the right direction
doesn’t have to be a big one.”

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