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Monday February 29th 2016 Leap Day! Weasel, working from home, bananas, new bag

March 3, 2016

Monday February 29th 2016

How will you spend your extra day??
BIG BANANAS from our Organic produce delivery!
Weasel having a pity party by herself.
When she doesn’t want to come in from
our walk she just lays down & gives
a sad face!
This is SIMCOE.

friend Jeff had TAKE YOUR CAT TO WORK day!

how cool is that???

Working from home today.

I work more when I am home than when
I am on the road! It never stops!

Writing Tasting notes for my appointments.
Weasel supervising.
My new handbag.
Now I have a brown animal bag!
a little ME time.
Mani/pedi…then back to work!
how TRUE is THIS ???


It’s in your moments of decision
that your destiny is shaped.

~ Anthony Robbins

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